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A penchant for eating well. An eye for the tiniest detail. A love for the ocean and all that it offers.
Long before we dipped our toes into the realm of aquaculture, all of us at Philosofish have been cherishing these very values. We now invite you to dive into our world.


The relationship between fishing and Greece and goes back millennia. From ancient pots discovered by archaeologists to modern day tourist postcards, images of fishermen casting and raising nets abound. Fish has also been a staple of the Greek diet for just as long. There are good reasons for both of these: the pristine waters surrounding the Greek mainland are rich with essential nutrients and as a result, fish, whether wild of farmed, are an outstanding source of protein, vitamins and Ω3 fatty acids.

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Quality above and below, through and through.

Ask anyone who works in a marine environment and they’ll tell you that the ocean makes them humble. It’s impossible to overestimate the raw power and purity of the sea and the life it encompasses.
Long before we embarked on our dream to create Greece’s most modern aquaculture facilities, we decided that, not only would we offer the highest possible quality products but that we’d also do so in a manner that would be environmentally sustainable.
That is why our first task was to find the right location: for, not surprisingly, it’s below the surface that true magic takes place, where the schools of sea bass and sea bream roam the parks freely.

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Our offerings

The freshest fish straight from the depths of history.

Archestratus wasn’t just a famous Ancient Greek poet. He was also a great chef; in fact, he is considered to be the father of gastronomy. His tantalising book—aptly named Gastronomy—abounds with references to fish, sea bass and sea bream being two of his favourites. His recipes of sea bream covered in cheese and olive oil and cooked in a clay oven, and of grilled sea bass spiced with silphium and cumin make fascinating reading.

Sea bream

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Sea bass

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Bass Ceviche with Peach

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