Our history

Getting to know the business from the sea floor up. (1986-1996)

The Bitsakos family was raised near the sea. Before creating Philosofish, the founder, John Bitsakos, had been involved in the aquaculture industry for decades. He started by taking on the construction of fish farms all over Greece, a task which included everything, from laying moorings to transporting materials. By 1986, he had fully appreciated the growth potential of the business and, in the following decade, became a minority shareholder in three separate aquaculture entities.

Paving the path to better fish, literally. (1996-1999)

In 1996, John Bitsakos and his two sons, George and Panos, decided it was time to strike out on their own. They knew that in order to provide their customers with fish of the highest quality, it was essential to find the right location. They already had a spot in mind; an unspoilt body of water in the bay of North Evoikos, where there is good depth all the way to the shoreline. This meant that they could locate the farms close to land for easier inspection, yet in water deep enough for ocean currents to flow through the farm uninterrupted. However, there was a catch; aside from being pristine, the location was hugely inaccessible. In what amounted to an enormous operation, they had to blast through mountain rock, build a road, extend power lines and install a fresh water supply network—even before laying a single brick for the buildings. The effort proved to be very worthwhile.

Building farm parks. Along with a solid reputation. (1999-2016)

In 1999, the first farm park became operational. In very short order, infused with innovative fish-farming technology and know-how, the company G. & P. BITSAKOS SA added a hatchery and a processing unit to the existing production units. As a result, sales in Greece and abroad increased even faster than before. In 2015, the company entered a whole new era, mainly due to the introduction of a Luxembourg-based investment entity, Diorasis International, as a substantial shareholder. Τhe new investors help to carry forward John Bitsakos’ original vision: that of a vertically integrated company with strict quality controls across all stages of production.